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Metalhead: How to wear this season’s shiniest bag trend Chanel offered up its classic styles in metallic silver / Rex It’s the perfect way to liven up your outfit A new season calls for a new handbag and while every season brings with it a raft of trends, this time round it’s all about metallics. That’s right, it’s time to ditch your trusty black carryall in favour of something shiny (quite literally) and new. A Hermes Birkin bag is a better investment than stocks or gold Once considered a dangerous choice because of its association with iconic 80s style, a metallic finish has since become a relative staple of modern girl barb. From gunmetal to silver, gold and shiny pastels, it’s the mix of unique shapes, fabrics and colourways that make it feel so contemporary and now. For more enlivening shades designers like Fendi, Altuzarra and Trussardi injected their bags with a little fun. Silver Metallic Backpack, £15.99 newlook.com Mini Crossbody Bag with Chain, £29.99 zara.com Gold Metallic Mini Cross Body Bag, £18 misguided.co.uk Jimmy Choo, Lockett Metallic Shoulder Bag, £1,150 net-a-porter.com Burberry, Buckle Small Metallic Leather Tote, £895 selfridges.com At Fendi, this meant offsetting classic hues with metallic green or pink, brocade flowers, guitar-style straps and doodles. While Altuzarra finished its saddle bags in royal blue snakeskin. For a more traditional take, gold scales topped Louis Vuitton’s mini bags with a contrasting ‘LV’ emblem and Chanel offered up its classic styles with metallic silver. Gold scales topped Louis Vuitton’s mini bags (Getty Images) Similarly, models at Kenzo carried silver chainmail slouchy bags while at Marc Jacobs it was all about snakeskin shoulder bags fitted with opposing gold chain handles.  Whichever shade you go for, metallics are the perfect way to liven up the most lacklustre of outfits. For the original version including any supplementary images or video, visit http://www.independent.co.uk/life-style/fashion/metallic-bag-trend-silver-gold-spring-summer-2017-chanel-zara-a7715806.html Learning about history and culture makes us a more open-minded, tolerant and understanding individual. On the other hand, the key for tourists is in the accessories. Clutching a bottle of water, a small bag on your shoulders, and a camera around your neck (or a selfie-stick nowadays) is a sure way to blend in with your fellow sightseers. After all, you visit a place to see the sights, not to walk a fashion show. Comfort is the ultimate basis for an outfit when being a tourist and this was evident in the footwear. Worn down trainers and boots seemed most popular, and rightly so. Undeniably, this cross-cultural style is echoed in the tourists we find along Broad Street and High Street: many grasping selfie sticks and backpacks, wandering tantalizingly slowly along the streets and clogging up the pathways when all we want to do is walk past with our Tesco shopping. Nonetheless, we must not forget the importance that tourism brings to our economy. According to Oxford City Council, the historic buildings and sights “attract approximately 7 million day time and staying visitors per year, generating £780 million of income for local Oxford businesses”. As annoying as they may be, we should be pleased that tourists decide to explore the beautiful city we live in – learning about history and culture makes us a more open-minded, tolerant and understanding individual. For the original version including any supplementary images or video, visit http://oxfordstudent.com/2017/05/17/culture-tourism-importance-sightseeing-stylish-tourist/