MarketersMEDIA / Newsroom / Massage Therapy for Active and Healthy Seniors Montgomery, AL Review-Dan Hendrix Massage Therapy for Active and Healthy Seniors Montgomery, AL Review-Dan Hendrix Advanced Pain Relief | Clinical Massage Therapy releases its unbiased write up and review of Massage Therapy, with a specific view to helping the Elderly Montgomery, AL. More information can be found at and at Montgomery, AL, United States - January 25, 2016 / PressCable / — Massage Therapy, Montgomery, AL website Advanced Pain Relief | Clinical Massage Therapy recent review on the benefits of Massage Therapy with a focus on helping the elderly in Montgomery, AL. The aim is to provide the most relevant and useful information to active and healthy seniors in Montgomery, AL, so to provide more confidence when buying this service. Massage Therapy: More than just relaxation, a maturing health care profession. Massage therapy clinics are becoming a common business in the City. More individuals are adding massage therapy to their healthy living in Montgomery, Alabama. Adding to the benefits of massage therapy as a stress and pain reducer, massage therapy has other effects that contribute to a healthy way of life. Unknown to most, massage therapy applied by the highly trained mature professional, can do more than decrease blood pressure, enhance the immune system. Massage therapy can assist in much faster recovery from injury and improve posture as well as healthy joint function. Additionally, massage can enhance mental focus and physical flexibility. Understood or not, all these benefits may contribute to the massage therapy market becoming more mature. Dan Hendrix, Massage Therapist, LMT #404, Montgomery, AL had this to add, “Most loyal clients are often referrals from Physical Therapist colleagues. The clients with the best long term results are also most teachable and get more value by taking what they learn during therapy and use it at home. Some of the greatest progress comes from septuagenarian clients that are also the best at homework.” Lower stress, less pain and better sleep as a result of massage can help lower the level of cortisol, a catabolic hormonal agent. The same improvements help keep the mind clear as well as the body more vibrant and active. Massage also helps relax the muscles, again aiding in better sleep and waking up being more energetic. This too is likely a factor in the maturation of the market for massage therapy. Think of massage therapy as a quick safe easy to schedule and cheaper alternative to a vacation. Good massage therapy is often even more effective as an escape from the stress most experience daily than a pricey trip. Given that massage reduces stress levels, it may well reduce some individuals vulnerability to pathogens by enhancing the body’s cytotoxic capability. That happens when the variety of active natural killer cells increases. Natural killer cells being one of the body’s major lines of defense. This too could be another little boost in shielding people from diseases. Not bad for a vacation lasting thirty minutes to one hour, or even ten to fifteen minutes, delivered right to the work place. Faster recovery from injury is another advantage of massage therapy. That due to more than the fact that it relaxes the muscles or improves blood circulation. Still improvement of vital body fluids circulation makes it easier for the body to deliver nutrients to essential organs and other parts of the body. Just as important is the help massage delivers in the removal of metabolic waste and cellular debris. Massage therapist trained in range of movement tests and joint articulating functional therapy compliments medical treatment. Breaking the pain tension feedback cycle is imperative to speeding up the healing process. Tactics are taught to physical therapist and elite massage therapist today. Trained pain relief massage therapist has more specialized skills in pain relief and functional improvement. Trained pain relief massage therapist can help a client improve bad posture. Flawed posture or walking using mechanically damaging gaits contribute to pain. Pain is not just in muscles but in cartilage, ligaments and tendons. While researching an article and writing on arthritis the findings were shocking to see just how much that disease can result from the body’s joints breaking down. Pain punishing more and more activities seems likely to lead to less and less of these activities. That was no surprise. What was shocking was the dramatic increase of coinciding mortality from cancer, diabetes, heart attack and strokes. Those very deadly diseases all shot up with advancing osteoarthritis as did mortality. Garden variety wear and tear arthritis could actually contribute to death. The body is designed for movement. With less movement it becomes increasingly vulnerable to other pathologies. The ability to move freely and carry out daily jobs without trouble is life saving. The absence of inappropriate stress and pressure on those structural components resulting a longer useful pain free life may not be for just those joints. Massage therapy is a relaxing leisure activity like a quick easy cheap vacation. Skilled massage therapists can do more than aid in recovering of vitality. Certain skilled massage therapists can minimize and perhaps eliminate the dangers troubling an individuals health. No wonder massage therapy as a business has become more common in Montgomery, Alabama.